Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Everyone loves a good house partay!

Well i do, for numerous reasons

1. Often they are close to home
2. BYO, which means you can bring whole goon bags of wine and cider and save yourself lots of poundies on cover charges and tequila shots.
3. Themes, always fun.
4. The people there are some way connected to you (even if its a 6 degrees Kevin Bacon type thing) so its never weird to just rock up and start talking to people.
5. There are no bouncers, so you never get kicked out for falling asleep

So as you may have guessed i was the lucky invitee to my old mate from home, Jessica's house party. As you also may have guessed there was a theme - Superheros and Villains! wooo, being the sucker that i am for our Belgian friend i went as the one and only Tintin. I also thought it was only fitting as Tintin was actually based on Herge's earlier character Totor, who was in fact a bit 'festively plump'. And for those who may be new to my world i may have been in a previous life, as Angus takes such pleasure in reminding me,,,,fat. So inspirational Jenny Craig stories aside, here is my brief run down of the night to accompany my brief recollection.

- Angus took part in his second shortest stint at a party ever.

- Cask Cider or 'Coon' is not very nice. Hock - a German brand of Cask Wine or 'Goon' is extremely nice

- Girlfriends in Cruella Deville wigs are not easy to spot.

- Malin's affliction to extreme sleeping is contagious, with her, Jess and Lisa all falling asleep at what i thought was an early hour . At least Malin got back up though.

- With absent and sleeping friends i spent most of the party talking to very interesting randoms. Shame i can not remember any of their names really, one was dressed as a priest though.

- I chatted to our housemate Big Mike on his way to work on Sunday morning, cant remember what was said though as i had just got home

All in all a success. I was still drunk when food shopping at 5pm Sunday afternoon. Angus said he could tell this because i thought the chillies vaguely named after a part of the female anatomy were hilarious.

As my camera has a mysterious illness and is currently in a coma, these are limited photos from Malin's.

The kids still in costume, Thunderbird Angus and Tomb Raider Malin. Note garbage bag clad walls, great for atmosphere and preventing wall spillage

Ahh there she is! whack one on me!

'Wow, i cant believe I'm drinking this shit'

'Wonder Woman!' aka Jessica

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I CAN SKI!!!!!

So the end of Feb saw Malin and I, pack our bags (mine 10 kilos lighter then hers) and jet off back to Sweden once again. This time however the destination was not that of the picturesque university town of Uppsala, no rather it was even further north, even closer to Santa and even bloody colder. It was Åre, home to the biggest ski resort in Sweden (i think) and the little town of Duved, which is a couple minutes drive away and home to our chalet for the week.

Well what can i say, first day or two went great, beautiful conditions, great snow, better weather and a World Championships sporting event to watch. Left to my own devices with people of a matching skill level but about 20 years younger then me, i was happy going up and down thinking i had this skiing thing under control. Wrong again Christopher. Impressed with my progress Malin and Father decided that their protege was ready to mix it with the big boys, no more of this t-bar business, its chair lifts and the top of the bloody mountain for you. Oh dear,,, so up to the top of Paradisbacken. Everything going good, haven't fallen, going fast, making good swooshing sound, beanie on head to prevent people seeing that i am but a non blonde imposter from the Southern Hemisphere., ok what was that Malin said 'ok you've got to gather speed right at the end to get over the big plateau before the next slope'.. ok gotcha, no worries gather speed cant be too hard, speed gathered, plateau approaching, OH WAIT WHAT IS THIS! My loving girlfriend refused to mention that there was a big bump at the bottom of which it was wise to avoid. End result. Skis stick into mound of snow, laws of inertia kick in and Chris' body continues to try and keep speed with or without legs to support. Chris learns the beauty of unaided flight and what snow taste and smells like.

Ah i could go on but my friends this is just one of many humorous tales from what was a great week of skiing, after skiing! eating and jolly good fun with Family Hellman and their lovely friends. Glad to have discovered yet another sport to keep my infatuation continuing.

Oh and just to let you know after 6 days of solid skiing, i spent my final day doing all the big boy slopes with the rest of my Swedish hosts! and i didn't fall. woooooo

As i said World Champs were on when we got there! Woohoo even got to see one Demian Franzen of Australia compete in the men's Slalom. He came 19th. I told Malin that when Sweden qualify for the Rugby World Cup then she has a right to think that this is a poor showing.

Proof,,,that is me under there rugged up to avoid -42 degree temps. Note my sexy red Boots, red goes faster you know.

ahhh hows the serenity,,,,,,,,


No that's me.. but cool theme song to sing while traversing the slopes!

Finally me and coach on the chair lift.

wow that photo makes my head look huge! funny that....

At Nic's blogs' inspiration and in memory of Tim and mines email wars of '05 im gonna try including the song im listening to alot recently or just a song that is currently playing as i blog.

Currently playing: How to make gravy - Paul Kelly.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Guys we have free landline calls, there are easier ways to contact me if your mad.......