Saturday, August 12, 2006

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So its been awhile i know.

But here i am going to attempt to begin the long road back.

Just so you dont get confused though the following pictures are from about 2 months ago almost. yea i know i know. Im in london, as you can see from the Trashbags blog, we have flat which is great! Now for a job,, at the moment im working in a HR department, yea exactly like i had dreamed. But its keeping me fed and slightly drinked so it will do until someone finally realises how great i am!

But i present to you possibly one of the sporting highlights of my life!

AUSTRALIA VS the then world Champions BRAZIL!!! WOOOOOOOOO

This is the main Strip of munich - Marienplatz! much time spent here, and as you can see from this photo taken about midday! wow so many Australians!!!!!!

A fellow Aussie from Brissie i befriended while we watched the football in the German Equivalent of Grace Bros (sorry.. myer). Yes and that is the 1 euro henieken we bought in thier food section. Crazy drinking beer in a shopping centre while watching football in there tv section! haha

Oh herrow ALLIANZ ARENA! AND YES I GOT TO GO INSIDE! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Note im almost wetting my pants with excitement in this photo, can you tell!

Just in case you didnt believe me.....

Apparently i wasnt the only aussie who thought seeing thier heros play brazil was a good idea...

So we lost, but we put on a good show and seeing players of that calibre playing my team at a global event in a major european stadium is something i will not soon forget.

Sorry bout the lack of footy photos but since i was living in a train station at the time my camera battery was on the downhill. Dont worry i got photos but not as many and not as good as i would have liked.