Friday, February 16, 2007

interesting results when you search for your own blog....

Maybe it has something to do with the High School i have in America.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The gang


So yea, Straya day right, Kim and Angus got the day off work, i dont have a job so i just didnt go to my non existent job. Jess and Lisa asked for it off from their respective jobs to which respective jobs obliged. This meant Malin had to work however as we have discovered that Malin and Jess are the only two competent girls at their pub and such if one isnt working, the other definitely is.

Little Mike came even though he is from England which is 16,827 km from Australia , i think he regretted this as he could not sing along to Cold Chisel, Crowded House OR John Farnham.

So along with Angus' buddies Em and Hilz fresh off the plane for a brief sojourn on our couch, we had some snags, make shift pav and a fosters or two and trotted off to the Slug and Lettuce in Fulham.

Hole, dirty dirty hole. Think the Steyne in Manly on speed, but with no exclusive upstairs full of popstars contestants and good looking people who have never heard of Kings Cross.

As a result me and Angus trotted off to Camden with his friends in tow to attempt for a third time to get into KoKo.

When we got there, to our delight, there was no 300 skinny jean wearing people in the queue. This was because the club was not open, it was 930pm. We then ate deep fried chicken that tasted 3 days old and fantastic at the same time. We re-emerged to find at least 100 skinny jeaners in the queue already and decided that home by 10pm was not something to ashamed off, we had a uni bar to tackle the next night, and boy, did certain compatriots 'tackle it'.

Angus fell asleep on the tube so that at least has to register the day as a 7.5 / 10 on the fun o meter.

Hilz and said makeshift Pav.

Return of Le Tigre


An Air conditioning vent. Juries still out on why this lucky vent was snapped

Enough Said.