Tuesday, May 30, 2006

True Clap style

so here is me, passing yet another day of doing nothing, cursing that i work nights and wasting time and pounds in my local internet cafe. About an hour ago two girls sat next to me, from thier distinctive accents i deducted that they were from New Zealand, im going with the South Island. Seem to be normal, average, New Zealand girls, unsuspecting of any foul play and not really encuoraging any sort of Strange Behaviour. All just the same old, internet, quick chat to mon, Cafe manager sprays Toilet Freshener throughout cafe, kill time kill time

Then incomes a lovely chap. Walking stick, guitar, and general odour of gin and whisky in tow. He picks up his dry cleaning, yes im in the internet cafe....... and then wanders over to the forementioned NZ birds. The conversation then went something along these lines....

Man: Hi My name is Running Water,
Girl: giggle
Man: I have just picked up my fantastic jacket that the lord gave to me
Girl; giggle
Man: i was wondering if you would like to meet up with me later
Girl: giggle, no, giggle
Man: Oh well, i would play you a song on my guitar but i dont think this place has the right acoustics, would you like to walk out with me now....
Girl: giggle, no, giggle
Man: oh well, i just want to say that you are so fine that i wish you were mine,
Girl: giggle
Man: are you sure you dont want to have a drink with me?
Girl: No, im fine,,,,,,,,giggle
Man: ok then , just remember that my name is running water, and i am yours. I hope our paths cross again. Man leaves, taking dry cleaning, walking stick, guitar and general stench of gin with him.

Moral of the Story..... Stale Gin smells better then toilet freshener

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My brush with fame!

So heres me just walking through this really large building just outside of Baker Street Tube. Some bird at the door took 15 pound off me which i was a bit miffed about, but it seemed quite worth it when i realised that i had entered some super club that only allows super famous people, world leaders, apparently 'dead' historical figures and thousands of euro trash with large backpacks! Got a few cheeky happy snaps of me with some of the lads hanging out in this club. Called after some short old french bird apparently, madame taussads or something,,,

Me and the DL! He thought i was hillarious obviously!

Just before i smacked his pretty boy ass back to 2003.

Just passing on a message from the Governor General - I met him you know!

Me and the boys. Poor Paul, hes having women trouble. I was his rock. John and George were really quite...wierd. Didnt talk to Ringo....

The master of pop. Big man Robbie. He was so happy to see me!

I HAVE FRIENDS! Just a cheeky post to say thankyou to mumma and Malin who have come to visit me in ole London town to keep me from going insane and drinking by myself!

Now for the rest of you slackers!

LONDON BABY YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have arrived people! i did it, i returned to the homeland, and last night i went and bought a loaf of bread, i didnt steal it!

So people, i have been here for about 3 weeks now and i love it! I have a flat in Clapham Common! Which i love! My housemates are ultra clean crazy italians who dont speak the most fluent of English but hey, its home! Love the Clap tho, great place to live, not too far away from the city and bustling with pubs cafes and people, a massive park at the end of my street. i love it. AND PUBLIC TRANSPORT RUNS ALL NIGHT!!! AH I HAVE BROKEN THE DAVIDSON CURSE!!!!

Ahh and too unpack was so wierd, i washed my clothes and then i folded them instead of doing the roll/scrunch into my backpack! freaky!

So ive seen some of the sights, Tower of London, Bucko palace, Madame Taussads etc. take a look!


Me and old mate, cool hat man, didnt smile for me though, bastard

Tower of London,,,ooooooo

Ooo cheeky Buckingham Palace

Lizzy opening the gates for me. Told her i was too busy for tea though. We took a rain check. Im gonna leave it a while, you know play hard to get.

Big Ben!

Piccadilly Circus! In the evening, before a night at the theatre!

Monday, May 22, 2006

THE BUL! aka Istanbul!

Loveeed the bul,,, luuurvved the bul

Had heaps of fun here, it was good times all around. All the touristy spots were definatley worth the price of admission, the nightlife was great, good food and just a general good feel about the place. Experimented with Rose tea and water pipes, drunk too much efes, ate (and swore!) with the Turks, went to the bungalow and hugos of istanbul with the trendy citizens of istanbul and it was all broken up with a great trip to Gallipoli (see previous post). So yea, go the bul it rocks socks!

Mon sucking it in on the water pipe!

Me and Nathan one of two Melbournites we met who are currently living in Germany! See you in Munich kids! Thats the turkish tea cups by the way, whack hey!

Basillica Cistern - hidden under the town of istanbul! Was a crazy way of getting water in the old days and with some lights added in in recent times it made the amatuer camera man look pro!

My travelling companions glamming up before heading into the blue mosque! Looking good ladies. Being a man, my hair is allowed to grace the mosque.

Me and burner out side said blue Mosque!

Anzac Day. Well i know it a was long time ago now, but i still maintain that is is one of the best things we have done this trip. Very cold not much sleep but hearing and seeing what those poor bastards had to do at the exact same time 91 years ago was a real wake up call to the horrors of war and how lucky we are today. The hills that these poor bastards alot the same age or younger then me had to manage. With packs and guns and not to mention turks shooting at them, its just amazing that they made it as far as they did and a testament to the Anzac spirit. Sorta stuff that makes you proud to be Australian. We actually went to two services. The Dawn service of course on Anzac Cove. Very moving, very solemn and great to see the 2000 or so young Turkish people there. We then walked the big hill up to Lone Pine for the Australian only service. Once again, a great service but luckily this time a bit warmer. We then went for a walk through the many cemeteries and found some trenches still there from when it all happened so long ago. The astonishing thing was how close the Anzac and Turkish trenches actually got to each other. Apparently grenades were able to be thrown 3 times back and forth before they actually exploded.

Oh and i met the Governor General! (see below photo!) and i also got interviewed for the melbourne age! ( http://www.theage.com.au/news/World/Respectful-solemn-service-at-Gallipoli/2006/04/25/1145861310735.html ) Was quite a big day for chris!

Burner, camping out

The Beach Where they first landed!

Me and the GG.

THE Lone Pine (memorial in the background)