Tuesday, June 26, 2007

mum, im alive.

I promise i did mean to call on the weekend but once again our internet (which means our international calls) are down and out. Will prob call you Sunday as Saturday will hopefully be WIMBLEDON!!

p.s Daft Review coming soon - also when net comes back

p.p.s. Happy Birthday Johanna!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Daft punk tommorrow, very exciting. Quitle like the skinny tie suit thing hes got going on. Maybe ill wear that. Probably would not go with my new Abercrombie shorts however. Yes thats right, thanks to Malins little daliance in New York last week i am now finally the owner of that great sign of commercialism and celebration of man that is Abercrombie and Fitch.

Meanwhile not sure if i mentioned but guess who plays before the Punks that are Daft,,, LCD Soundsystem, yes the same LCD Soundsystem that is responsible for one of the Anthems of 2005, ' DAFT PUNK IS PLAYING IN MY HOUSE'..................do you see where im going with this? is this not the perfect finale/opener!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hot Streak!

2 games, 3 tries. Watch out Stirling!

Sure we got beaten 8-1. details, details

Oh and the big weekend? Did it live up to expectations? Im sure it did, but i cant remember much after dinner on Saturday. oops. Thats ok, was too hungover to have a big one Sunday thus keeping me in check for another big week working for the man. Cool people at the BBQ though, all actors, so slightly crazy. Imagine going to an English TM party.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

How do you know its going to be a good weekend????

Because the song they are playing as you clamber out of bed is


Now off to start a weekeend that will hopefully live up to the first 3 minutes! With a game of rugby (to watch), 2 picnics, a party and a BBQ! I have faith that it will!!!!!

p.s. My touch team had its first non-loss game on Wednesday. We drew 3-3. Chris scoring 2 of his teams 3. Good times good times.

Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm alive.

So here you are, look I'm really flattered, i didn't think 20 people even checked my blog oh wait they don't its about 6 people who read it and comment many times, but for you 6. this ones for you.
So where i have i been since March? hmm good question, April i was just lazy in the blogging department, i admit that, but at the end of April came the news that i have been waiting 4 months to hear. Yes that's right i got a job. Thank fucking goodness. Not just some shitty job either.
A job doing exactly what i want to do without taking a step back for the year and few months or so that i have been travelling.
A job in London, arguably the mecca for Advertising and Media and a job in the 7th biggest agency in the UK.
So yea Ive been busy, working my butt off and generally trying to make a good impression and not get fired from said great job. I personally never thought id be so happy to get back normality, Ive never valued routine so much, the steady paycheck, the weekend off with the rest of the world, the after work drinks (not to mention the usual media freebies, lunches and parties). If 4 months of job hunting has taught me one thing is never take it all for granted again!
So yea, i haven't really wanted to go near a computer after work sorry fellow bloggers and our Internet/phone was down all last week so sorry if the murmurs out of Camp Chris have been a bit quiet of late. Cant promise ill get any better, but hey ill give it some thought.

In a fantastic twist of fate, i found out i got the job before the long weekend at the start of May and they asked me to start the following Wednesday. What was i doing that weekend! Going to Venice! When do i get back? TUESDAY! perfect! What a way to celebrate other then many doses of great pizza, pasta, cured meat, coffee and wine!
We had a lovely time with some absolutely fantastic weather. It was a beautiful city but one i feel like I've done now and don't really need to do again for a while. Not taking anything away from it but it really is a tourist town,, and that's about it.

Here are the only photos Malin didn't manage to blog and i was left with,,,,,

Mmmmm basilica....

Did you know Elton John drinks longnecks straight from the bottle! Crazy!

Good Venice tourist photo.....

Timmay, bet you never learnt to play this one??? Its a Violin cross Trumpet, or as i have named it, a Vrumpet......

So yea that's work and holidays. Besides that Ive been up to the usual, going to clubs-getting drunk, going to house party's - getting drunk.
One such night a little while ago, after frequenting one of our favourite haunts, the uber cool can selling indie club - Metro. Me and Angus 'fell asleep' on the bus home and a fellow friendly resident of South London decided that we really didn't need the radiation that mobile phones are said to emit and charitably relived us from those evil cancer machines. Its ok though my housemate Lisa had 3 spare so i'm back in the tumour game....

hmm what else, Oh yea i went to hospital last Wednesday. Woke up in the middle of the night and i couldn't see out of one eye. Scary huh, so yea spent the early hours with the interesting patrons of Kings College Hospital, Camberwell, only for my friendly Dr to tell me that i had 'excess fluid' around my eye and that i should chow down on the anti inflammatorys and it will go down in a few days. Oh that's easy for you to say buddy! You don't look like a demented cyclops trudging around London, trying to hold serious meetings while counting how many times the person tried to avoid staring directly at it! And what the hell is EXCESS FLUID? where did this come from? Have i really been drinking that much tea? Have i just been crying inside and no body knows it but me?

For all you ER fans here is a shot we took before we left for the hospital, note Chris attempting to look sad and in pain.

So thats me for the last little bit, i know theres more and there are defiantly more photos but with my Camera out of action and Malin losing all her photos when her computer got sent to laptop hospital (nothing to do with excess fluid) im bit lacking.

Whats coming up? Well June seems to be an exciting month, off to see the mega, fantastic, super fun combo that is Daft Punk in none other then Londons Hyde Park in 2 weeks time. Got a little posse together and are hoping for some sunny weather, now the only thing left to do is figure out what to wear! At the moment I'm thinking my now standard red check gig shirt (for those unaware, please look to the Right Hand Side of this blog) but I'm hoping for some more inspiration closer to the day.
BBQ this weekend at our friend Hannah's house, well actually its Hannah's cats who hosting the BBQ, not entirely sure how this will work but it should be interesting. As long as i don't have to eat whiskers.
End of June sees the arrival of KC Bassett and also mini Bassett, Erin. Not entirely where were going to fit the second Basset but I'm sure we will figure something out. All very exciting!

So yea kids its been real, Lifes good, Thanks for the support, good to hear you all care.
Email me bitches.

Oh and Sarah, i think you need a new job.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Everyone loves a good house partay!

Well i do, for numerous reasons

1. Often they are close to home
2. BYO, which means you can bring whole goon bags of wine and cider and save yourself lots of poundies on cover charges and tequila shots.
3. Themes, always fun.
4. The people there are some way connected to you (even if its a 6 degrees Kevin Bacon type thing) so its never weird to just rock up and start talking to people.
5. There are no bouncers, so you never get kicked out for falling asleep

So as you may have guessed i was the lucky invitee to my old mate from home, Jessica's house party. As you also may have guessed there was a theme - Superheros and Villains! wooo, being the sucker that i am for our Belgian friend i went as the one and only Tintin. I also thought it was only fitting as Tintin was actually based on Herge's earlier character Totor, who was in fact a bit 'festively plump'. And for those who may be new to my world i may have been in a previous life, as Angus takes such pleasure in reminding me,,,,fat. So inspirational Jenny Craig stories aside, here is my brief run down of the night to accompany my brief recollection.

- Angus took part in his second shortest stint at a party ever.

- Cask Cider or 'Coon' is not very nice. Hock - a German brand of Cask Wine or 'Goon' is extremely nice

- Girlfriends in Cruella Deville wigs are not easy to spot.

- Malin's affliction to extreme sleeping is contagious, with her, Jess and Lisa all falling asleep at what i thought was an early hour . At least Malin got back up though.

- With absent and sleeping friends i spent most of the party talking to very interesting randoms. Shame i can not remember any of their names really, one was dressed as a priest though.

- I chatted to our housemate Big Mike on his way to work on Sunday morning, cant remember what was said though as i had just got home

All in all a success. I was still drunk when food shopping at 5pm Sunday afternoon. Angus said he could tell this because i thought the chillies vaguely named after a part of the female anatomy were hilarious.

As my camera has a mysterious illness and is currently in a coma, these are limited photos from Malin's.

The kids still in costume, Thunderbird Angus and Tomb Raider Malin. Note garbage bag clad walls, great for atmosphere and preventing wall spillage

Ahh there she is! whack one on me!

'Wow, i cant believe I'm drinking this shit'

'Wonder Woman!' aka Jessica

currently playing: I love you - The Ordinary Boys

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I CAN SKI!!!!!

So the end of Feb saw Malin and I, pack our bags (mine 10 kilos lighter then hers) and jet off back to Sweden once again. This time however the destination was not that of the picturesque university town of Uppsala, no rather it was even further north, even closer to Santa and even bloody colder. It was Åre, home to the biggest ski resort in Sweden (i think) and the little town of Duved, which is a couple minutes drive away and home to our chalet for the week.

Well what can i say, first day or two went great, beautiful conditions, great snow, better weather and a World Championships sporting event to watch. Left to my own devices with people of a matching skill level but about 20 years younger then me, i was happy going up and down thinking i had this skiing thing under control. Wrong again Christopher. Impressed with my progress Malin and Father decided that their protege was ready to mix it with the big boys, no more of this t-bar business, its chair lifts and the top of the bloody mountain for you. Oh dear,,, so up to the top of Paradisbacken. Everything going good, haven't fallen, going fast, making good swooshing sound, beanie on head to prevent people seeing that i am but a non blonde imposter from the Southern Hemisphere., ok what was that Malin said 'ok you've got to gather speed right at the end to get over the big plateau before the next slope'.. ok gotcha, no worries gather speed cant be too hard, speed gathered, plateau approaching, OH WAIT WHAT IS THIS! My loving girlfriend refused to mention that there was a big bump at the bottom of which it was wise to avoid. End result. Skis stick into mound of snow, laws of inertia kick in and Chris' body continues to try and keep speed with or without legs to support. Chris learns the beauty of unaided flight and what snow taste and smells like.

Ah i could go on but my friends this is just one of many humorous tales from what was a great week of skiing, after skiing! eating and jolly good fun with Family Hellman and their lovely friends. Glad to have discovered yet another sport to keep my infatuation continuing.

Oh and just to let you know after 6 days of solid skiing, i spent my final day doing all the big boy slopes with the rest of my Swedish hosts! and i didn't fall. woooooo

As i said World Champs were on when we got there! Woohoo even got to see one Demian Franzen of Australia compete in the men's Slalom. He came 19th. I told Malin that when Sweden qualify for the Rugby World Cup then she has a right to think that this is a poor showing.

Proof,,,that is me under there rugged up to avoid -42 degree temps. Note my sexy red Boots, red goes faster you know.

ahhh hows the serenity,,,,,,,,


No that's me.. but cool theme song to sing while traversing the slopes!

Finally me and coach on the chair lift.

wow that photo makes my head look huge! funny that....

At Nic's blogs' inspiration and in memory of Tim and mines email wars of '05 im gonna try including the song im listening to alot recently or just a song that is currently playing as i blog.

Currently playing: How to make gravy - Paul Kelly.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Guys we have free landline calls, there are easier ways to contact me if your mad.......

Friday, February 16, 2007

interesting results when you search for your own blog....


Maybe it has something to do with the High School i have in America.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The gang


So yea, Straya day right, Kim and Angus got the day off work, i dont have a job so i just didnt go to my non existent job. Jess and Lisa asked for it off from their respective jobs to which respective jobs obliged. This meant Malin had to work however as we have discovered that Malin and Jess are the only two competent girls at their pub and such if one isnt working, the other definitely is.

Little Mike came even though he is from England which is 16,827 km from Australia , i think he regretted this as he could not sing along to Cold Chisel, Crowded House OR John Farnham.

So along with Angus' buddies Em and Hilz fresh off the plane for a brief sojourn on our couch, we had some snags, make shift pav and a fosters or two and trotted off to the Slug and Lettuce in Fulham.

Hole, dirty dirty hole. Think the Steyne in Manly on speed, but with no exclusive upstairs full of popstars contestants and good looking people who have never heard of Kings Cross.

As a result me and Angus trotted off to Camden with his friends in tow to attempt for a third time to get into KoKo.

When we got there, to our delight, there was no 300 skinny jean wearing people in the queue. This was because the club was not open, it was 930pm. We then ate deep fried chicken that tasted 3 days old and fantastic at the same time. We re-emerged to find at least 100 skinny jeaners in the queue already and decided that home by 10pm was not something to ashamed off, we had a uni bar to tackle the next night, and boy, did certain compatriots 'tackle it'.

Angus fell asleep on the tube so that at least has to register the day as a 7.5 / 10 on the fun o meter.

Hilz and said makeshift Pav.

Return of Le Tigre


An Air conditioning vent. Juries still out on why this lucky vent was snapped

Enough Said.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


So this post has 3 reasons behind it.
1. She actually hasnt appeared on here since her visit to London last May, in which some would say some a few things have changed
2. My mum now thinks that i am going out with Angus
3. To celebrate 1 year since Kampot!

So Malin here you are, a starring role in this ever riveting blog.

On my first day in Sweden back in June. Abba in a Volvo, wearing blue and yellow, it goes without saying!

Picking berries in the forest (Note amount of clothing for the middle of Summer)

Bad News?

A taste of Australia at Notting Hill Carnival

5am at the Walkie with some mug watching the AFL Grand Final viewing

Visit to Australia!

And finally, enjoying a drop out at dinner last night in Chelsea.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So what a night, me and angus think it was ours best ever, basically because we really dont remember that much........
We went to a club called Popscence, it was 3 clubs over 3 floors yet no one manning the cloak room, maybe because we only arrived at 11.45.

Go here to see the only records of the night


A few things to remember
1. The night where the first signs of my new found allergy to beer came to light
2.Yes they are schooners....sorry PINTS of wine
3. Yes that is 7 fairy cakes you can see in Angus' mouth

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This ones for you mum........

A Swedish Christmas!
So my first European Christmas, and what an event it was! These people are serious about Christmas, so serious in fact they cant wait for the actual day and actually celebrate on Christmas EVE! Every window has a star or candles and every house a traditionally adorned actual tree, no plastic David Jones jobs here. There are about one million different traditions that seem to go with every meal, minute, type of food etc.
Like everywhere big preparations start days earlier but you can see it come together on the day as everything has its Christmas feel too it!

It was all a bit crazy but a great experience, and it even snowed on Christmas Day even though it wasn't supposed to for weeks! THE MIRACLE OF CHRISTMAS I TELL YOU!

Building the gingerbread house before the day, although i never got to eat the buggar.....

oh and the food! A vital part of Swedish Christmas. About a million different bloody things all of which i could recognise about 4.

Who doesn't have Christmas bread these days?

Several flavours of pickled herring........

What do you think Grandad? Yea i reckon the potatoes look safe too....

Besides the above, we ate Swedish meatballs of course, sausage, liver, salmon, cabbage, beetroot, the HAM! and Malins traditional addition of a mango and papaya salad......

After lunch the whole of Sweden sit down to watch Donald Duck and friends. Adults, children and grandparents alike, how many actually watch i don't know as there were a few sleepy heads in the Hellman household, but its amazing that this cartoon dictates the entire day for this forward thinking nation.

Once our trip back to childhood is over everyone just seems to have there 14th coffee for the day and potter about. As if they were waiting for someone,

When all of a sudden BAM! knock knock Santa arrives! The big man himself. How he knew me and Angus would be in Sweden this year is amazing. He never ceases to amaze me. I got tights, Angus got a travel kit and Malin got nothing, she must been naugty this year.....

Then the present unwrapping and rhyming begins, quite an arduous task considering you could hardly see the tree underneath the Kilimanjaro of presents........

Awww happy families.........

The day then winds down as people eat more candy,,, play with new toys, listen to their new Westlife albums and wait for Church.
Went to midnight mass in the huge and very impressive Church. Good for the soul as well as the sightseeing.

All in all a fantastic day, big thanks have to go to the entire Hellman family for welcoming me and Angus into their family Christmas!

So that's it kids the first blog in 6 months, stay tuned to this space, I'm searching for advertising job with a tiny bit of success (i have 1 interview...), so hopefully that will come to something. Will try and keep you informed and i may even feel so compelled as to catch up on the past 6 months... oops......

Its been real, keep it that way.