Wednesday, April 26, 2006

On the streets of Cappadocia (sung to the tune of Streets of Philidelphia!)

Welcome the the middle of Turkey! Got to Goreme in Cappadocia to find a town of fairy chimneys and cave houses! Hopped into our CAVE with was great! Those things a great, cool in the day, warm at night! Perfect!
Went on Super massive walk through about a billion valleys. Ok not really 4 i think there were. We got lost afew times so i rekon we saw a few more. Honey valley was probably my favourite though. Sorry this means nothing to you, but hey, its my blog!
Next day we headed out to check out the old churches around the town. Was pretty crazy seeing thousand of year old paintings and churches set up inside the sides of mountains. Pretty resourceful huh!

Mum, i know i know there are about a million spelling mistakes.......

Aww Herro Turkey!

So arrived in the Gobble Gobble after our swift trip through the Greek Islands! Landed in the town of Selcuk. Hoped in our little bus to be driven to the Pension (thats what the Turks call Guesthoues) and our driver finds out were Australian, so then what does he proceed to do? QUOTE THE CASTLE TO ME! I already love this country, i havent been able to find an aussie that loves that movie as much as me so i was stoked.
Anyway the main attraction of this town was Ephesus, an old roman site and home to many mentions in the Bible! Checked out the place that was rumoured to be Marys old pad, as well as the old city that was situtated there.
Also 10kms from Selcuk was Sirince. A cute little town situated on a hill and you knows what this place does. IT MAKES WINE! hello! so spent a lovely day in the sun wandering around, tasting all different fruit wines. Had a lovely lunch, bought some wollen socks off some old lady and ended up settling on the Quince wine and my personal favourite, Black Mulberry mmmm

Oooo sorry i have forgot to mention, Mon's friend from way back Clemmo joined us for some Greek Islands action and after a day or so in Turkey mons old workmate Kimmay also joined us! The travelling troupe grows once more!

Very old stadium at Ephesus!

Mmm wine, sun, and Turkey! What else do you want! The country that is, on that note there is a distinct lack of Turkey in its namesake country.

Some dude who fell asleep on my shoulder, he didn't drool though.
Ahh hello Greek Islands!

Beautiful, gorgeous and obvious why its a European hot spot come June! April however, it was still on the chilly side. So there was no swimming for us. Was still absolutely stunning though. The white buildings, the blue painted balconies, the tiny little cobblestone streets. It was all just so.......GREEK ISLAND!!!!

Our little street in Mykonos! This place was a maze however! all the streets look the same!

Mon looking out from the town of Fira. The main town on the island of Santorni. We spent the most time on this island. Can you blame us??????

Me and my 10th Pita. I actually ate 13 while we were in Greece. We were in Greece for 8 days. You do the maths haha!

IOS! Beautiful! Apparently in June/July this place is bustling with 4000 drunken tourists. We however prefer to climb atop of that big hill, watch the sunset and proceed to almost get get blown off!

Old mate with his donkey, just the norm in the streets of Mykonos!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

IM IN EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made it! Who would of thought! I have arrived and people I AM CAPITAL LETTER EXCITED. Done Athens now and seen every ancient column there is but i still find myself pinching myself when i see the cafes everywhere, the euros in my wallet and hearing all the greek people speaking Greek!!!! Off to Mykanos tomorrow for some beaches and beers. Just for a change!
So good to be in Europe, i feel like its just one big country! haha

Me on top of Athens, sorta. Hello Concrete jungle. Has charm though, adds a bit of Charm...

Ooo cheeky Parthenon....

Me and old mate, with the pom pom shoes. Same expression as a beef eater, not as impressive hat however.

Dude its a cat..................... (please note, world famous Greek Parthenon and Acropolis are on his immediate left)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Just in case lightning strikes twice i guess........................
So where have i been and why havent i blogged?????

Cos im usually pretty crap at it? NO! ive just been lazing my fat ass on numerous exotic, tropical thai beaches. and internet was really expensive.
Below is a quick recount of the last 3 weeks really.

Me and my fat head in front of some Sexy islands off Koh Lanta. Stayed here for about 4 days, awesome place to chill out and good for motorbike exploring! Thats right, watch out Rossi, here i come. Ok not quite it was more like a piss weak scooter with a lawn mower engine but i got the thing up to 60, yea thats right!

Phi Phi Leh, Maya Beach, where they filmed 'the beach'. You can see why, was so grand and just absolutely stunning, right up there with the best beaches ive ever seen in my life! Had so many photos but decided on this one which is the wrong way round and has a water smudge. Phi Phi was awesome, good fun but too much buckets, swedes and thong loss can get the better of you after a few days....

View from our Bungalow on Koh Phangan! Impressive hey! Nice place, island was a bit TOO big though so hard to get into it wasnt there long before going to........ KOH TAO (below)

Above and Below are KOH TAO!!!!! My favourite place in Thailand last time i came and it took the crown again here without a doubt. Spent a week here, doing same old, reading, sleeping, swimming. Also did some exploring which included bloody treks through the bush (or jungle i guess you would call it) and some hard core rock/reef climbing to find some hidden beaches which include the pictures i got here. This beach has to be one of if not the most beautiful beach ive ever been too, LOOK AT THAT WATER PEOPLE!
Thanks to Malin our Swedish friend from Cambodia/Laos who provided the soundtrack and suduko! Mum thats right, i was wrong im an addict now!!!!!

OH BY THE WAY DID I MENTION IM IN EUROPE!!! AHAHAHAHAHHA stay tuned for some posting in next couple of days!